Marine Deck Equipment

OBT International and DMT Marine Equipment have partnered exclusively to bring an experienced quality deck machinery and equipment manufacturer to the US market.

DMT is a leading company in the maritime sector with a proven record for over 20 years and 2,700 vessels equipped.  The equipment is designed and produced with consideration towards the client’s needs and specific requirements as well as with a thorough understanding that the equipment must be reliable, of the highest quality, and be able to operate in the most demanding sea conditions.

DMT produces a full complement of equipment to outfit any inland or ocean-going vessels.  All mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and PLC engineering is performed in-house which allows all FAT and line pull testing before shipping.   All DMT equipment meets or exceeds our customer’s requirements as well as third-party certifications such as ABS, DNV, or BV if applicable.

Ultra-Sonic and Anti-Fouling Technology

OBT International and Sonihull (UK) have coordinated to bring a leader in Ultra-Sonic, Anti-Fouling technology to the US Gulf Coast Market. Wherever there is unwanted marine biofouling from tugboats to oil tankers, wind farms to fish farms, Sonihull is working to create cost-effective ultrasonic antifouling solutions that reduce drag, cut fuel consumption, increase service intervals, and leave no poisonous environmental legacy. This simple “set it and forget” system is eco-friendly, reduces your carbon footprint, and has zero maintenance costs to hulls, propellers, box coolers, and main engine intake piping while sitting idle or underway.


Marine Cranes

OBT International is proud to bring a top-of-the-market quality hydraulic and electric crane to the US market as the exclusive representative of Sormec Cranes.

Sormec manufactures hydraulic lifting systems for ships, vessels, oil rigs, and barges and provides offshore services according to customer specifications.  Since its establishment in 1989, Sormec has consistently increased its global market share by delivering innovative tailor-made cranes for marine and offshore customers worldwide, confirming its brand as a motto of technology and reliability.

Sormec supplies a complete, customized range of box, lattice, and knuckle boom cranes from 2T to 500T used in cargo handling, personnel, service, and offshore applications.  All cranes are fully tested on 1 of 8 state-of-the-art test stands and if required, certified to meet any certifying authority including ABS, DNV, BV, RINA, and USCG.

Hydraulic and Electric Moveable Structures

OBT and Supreme Integrated Technology (SIT) have joined forces in the US to focus mainly on the US military, civil, and marine sectors providing integrated and turnkey projects.

SIT has long been a foundation in the military and civil sectors specializing in bow ramps, hydraulic systems, shell closures, and civil bridge works that require customization or a new design.  SIT is considered a primary provider of moveable bridges which utilizes a personal approach while working with the Army Corps of Engineers and private engineering firms to ensure that each project is accomplished in a timely manner with quality results.

SIT engineers and produces all systems according to our proven assembly process which uses a robust quality management system to track and improve by being ISO 9001:2015 compliant and using that experience building to ABS, DNV, and MIL-Standard certification requirements.